When Education is Not Enough

Every year teachers, parents, friends, and family members encourage young minds to stay in school and/or advance their schooling. The current societal perception seems to be that the more classes one takes, the more prepared they will be able to make a good life for themselves in addition to contributing to/bettering society and the world at large. Do you think more classes = better person? Or more broadly more educated humans = better world?

Personally, I do not agree because many topics taught in school are ethic-less. Teaching students earth sciences such as biology, chemistry, and ecology without emphasizing the importance of environmental ethics is comparable to teaching students math without providing real-world examples or applications. Without learning how to expand the textbook knowledge into real-world problems and day-to-day life, the knowledge ends and begins in the classroom.  Just as important as it is for members of society to know how to read and count, it is important for them to know how they view the world, what they think is worthy of value, and what decisions they can make to honor their environmental ethic.

For the full-length argument visit “Earth Actualization.”


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