An Environmental Ethic for Artificial Intelligence

This semester I took a class about the philosophy of technology. Like environmental ethics, phil of tech is a relatively new discipline when compared to the age of philosophy as a whole. Also like environmental ethics, the concepts presented in phil of tech are particularly relevant in addressing the most urgent problems of our modern age. Below I have shared a link to a research paper I recently completed that incorporates environmental ethics into a proposed moral framework for artificial intelligence. I think that it poses some interesting philosophical questions about our duties to non-human entities with respect to the impending creation of AI that have the potential to be more intelligent, capable, and moral than humans.

The Necessity of an Ecocentric Environmental Ethic for Artificial Intelligence


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  1. Sophia, I commend you on a great research paper. It connects so many important topics into one paper and does an admirable job at summarizing important ideas for audiences that may not have any background in AI or environmental ethic. I thought you made several compelling points on AGI needing an environmental ethic, but the one I found most universally convincing to all humans is that as an AGI grows exponentially in its own complexity, the difference between us and other living creatures may not look very different – which is why having the AGI have an ecocentric value system is so important. Although you note there may be negative effects of an ecocentric value system, I thought you appropriately highlighted the decision we have to make. We can choose to value ourselves and only ourselves, or we can choose to value the entire world and the harmonious life we live within it. Although we may not have the most control over what the AGI does once it surpasses us, we must do everything we can to put it on the track we want.

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